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    The Papyrus Plant

    The Papyrus Plant, once used to create paper long ago, can now be used to decorate your home or office.

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    The best Mother's Day gift

    The best Mother's Day gift

    Ever wondered why so many people spend hundreds of dollars to send fresh flowers to their mother on Mother's Day, when they only last a few days? It does seem a little crazy at times, but I understand the sentiment behind it.  Our family was in the florist business for over 20 years and we saw lots and lots of fresh flowers for Mother's Day, not to mention other occasions. Of course, the blooming plants were very popular, too because they did last a lot longer than cut flowers. 

    There has been a big improvement in "silk" or artificial flowers nowadays as compared to a few years ago.  They used to be "plastic" and not very impressive.  Our online store sells some beautiful silk arrangememnts and silk blooming plants that would be great to send for Mother's Day, and they last FOREVER.  These flowers are so real looking, you have to get up close to even tell they're silk.  The Best Mothers Day GiftThere is even "artificial water" you can get for those arrangements to make them look even more realistic.  This is usually a type of gel that you add water to, and it stays that way- just like real water.  In my opinion, since the quality of these new real-looking silk arrangements is so good, I wouldn't be afraid to send them to my mother at all!